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Divorce Math - Flash Demos, Online Help and Sample Reports
Software Which Informs Users When a Settlement Is Not Tax Smart and
Takes the Guesswork Out of Financial Planning for Divorce.
Online Flash Demo - Divorce Math (Basic)
View the Flash Demo to learn how to navigate the software. (4mb, approx. 13 minutes)
Online Flash Demo - Divorce Math (Arrearage Calculator/Parenting Time Calendar)
View the Flash Demo to learn how to navigate the software. (4mb, approx. 12 minutes)
Online Help - Divorce Math
View the Online Help to see how each of the 18 calculations in Divorce Math work.
Sample Reports for Divorce Math
To view these reports, you will need a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, a free download at Adobe's Acrobat web site. Please feel free to view, download, or print the following Divorce Math reports:
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More Information
FinPlan software is a suite of family law calculators offered in several states, that aid in calculating after-tax cash availability and planning, financial affidavits, marital property distribution and commonly used calculations, such as Pensions, Retirement, Present and Future Value, and Alimony Recapture. Click below to learn more about the software and find answers to frequently asked questions.
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