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Divorce Math - Unique Features
Software Which Informs Users When a Settlement Is Not Tax Smart and
Takes the Guesswork Out of Financial Planning for Divorce.
Accurate Reports and Calculations
  • Present highly simplified reports for each of the calculators found within Divorce Math
  • Divorce Math (basic 16) is provided free with a purchase and subscription to Divorce Planner
Available Calculators
  • Pension Value - Actuarial value of defined benefit plan (find out quickly whether an actuary is needed before one is actually contacted)
  • Retirement Income - Prepare Retirement Income projections from lump sum divorce settlement (QDRO)
  • Alimony Recapture - Don't let your client get caught up in a costly alimony recapture
  • Sale of Marital Home - Value sale of Marital Home (cash impact to both parties including any taxes)
  • Arrearage Calculator - See exactly how much a party owes in arrears which include child support, attorney, alimony, etc.
  • Day Counter - Never be late filing documents with the courts or to the other parties again with this handy day counter
  • Parenting Time Calendar - Create parenting time calendars that identify the non-custodian's parenting time. Either use pre-set arrangements, customize or start with the pre-set arrangement and then customize from there. Immediately see number of overnights and/or percentage of time. Customize personal dates, such as birthday's or special holidays. Print month to month or 4 months per sheet to provide your clients or opposing parties. Attach the arrangement to the Parenting Plan as needed. Can use 6 hour increments to determine a more accurate accounting of time.
  • Social Security Tax Calculation - Determine the amount of Social Security and Medicare paid for salary/wages or in self-employment
  • Present Value (Divorce) - Lump Sum - Evaluate an equivalent monthly alimony or nontaxable payment for a lump sum property settlement
  • Present Value (Divorce) - Alimony Present Value - Determine present value of different streams of alimony or maintenance payments, or determine amount of life insurance needed to secure support payments, and determine net present value of a stream of cash flows (value dependency exemptions and/or child tax credit over several years)
  • Present Value (Divorce) - Future Value of Investment - Calculate future value of investments
  • Present Value (Divorce) - Mortgage - Evaluate mortgage payments
  • General Present Value - Future Value - Future value of single payment or stream of payments
  • General Present Value - Present Value - Present value of single future amount or equal periodic payments
  • General Present Value - Term / Interest Rates - Term, interest rate and repayment schedule for loans
  • General Present Value - Payment - See the annual payment amount for a loan with interest to be repaid over a number of periods
  • General Present Value - Loan Amortization - Calculate loan amortization
  • General Present Value - Net Present Value - Use the net present value calculator to determine the present value of child tax credits and/or dependency exemptions over time
  • View Federal Income Tax Rates - Federal income tax tables are available in the software for the current taxable year
  • View State Income Tax Rates - State income tax tables are available for each state that has state income tax
Getting Assistance
  • Divorce Math provides an On-Screen Help option which provides instant answers to family law questions
  • Free WebEx/telephone training offered - sit at your own PC in the comfort of your office to learn how to use this software
  • Use our Reference Attorneys to ask questions on how to enter data as part of your subscription
  • If you have technical support issues, feel free to call anytime for their assistance
  • Easy to use point & click menus
  • All calculators are available on one screen
  • Use the sample case provided for data entry assistance
Case Entry Options
  • Enter data with the client directly on the computer
  • Quickly enter simple data in the fields provided on each calculator and let Divorce Math run the complex calculations behind the scenes
Sharing Files With Others
  • Divorce Math is a stand-alone software application. At this time only the machine it's installed on has access to the database where the case information is stored
Update Notifications
  • If you also subscribe to Divorce Planner, you will get notifications upon launching Divorce Planner if there is a Divorce Math update patch, otherwise you may need to check the FinPlan Software update page to see if there's a newer version available
Other FinPlan Titles to Complete the Suite of Family Law Calculators
  • Divorce Planner (includes 42 states, plus court-appoved child support worksheets for 16 states) Guideline child support is automatically calculated for: CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, MD, MN, MS, NY, OH, OR, PA, VA, WI
  • Divorce Planner (Regional Versions). There are select regional versions of Divorce Planner that provide child support worksheets for bordering states including accurate state tax to each bordering state. They include: CT/NY and MD/VA/DC
  • Assets Plus will assist in creating financial affidavits for all states and court-approved affidavits for CT, FL and NY. Automatically update stock/mutual fund share pricing current to the day using just the number of shares and a ticker symbol. Import accurate tax data and other relative data from Divorce Planner to reduce keystroke duplication. Compare each party's affidavit for discrepancies
  • Equal Shares will assist in equitably dividing marital property. Watch a balancing graph while you're assigning values and ownership to each item. Quickly determine after-tax values based on a party's marginal tax rate. Data from Assets Plus is importable to reduce keystroke duplication
  • Divorce Math includes 16 commonly-used calculations which values pensions, estimates retirement income from a lump sum divorce settlement and uses present value features to evaluate equivalent monthly alimony or nontaxable payments from a lump sum property settlement. Also, with the option to purchase a license key to unlock two additional calculators for creating arrearage reports and a parenting schedule that identifies number of overnights and percentage of time to qualify for time-sharing reductions or increases in child support, with pre-set common schedules while printing the calendar to share with the client and opposing party
Software Requirements
  • Works on Windows XP or later. If you have a MAC with a Windows Virtual Machine installed, you may install the software on the Windows VM
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More Information
FinPlan software is a suite of family law calculators offered in several states, that aid in calculating after-tax cash availability and planning, financial affidavits, marital property distribution and commonly used calculations, such as Pensions, Retirement, Present and Future Value, and Alimony Recapture. Click below to learn more about the software and find answers to frequently asked questions.
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